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2021 income filing has started on Feb 21st.

We are filing 2021 income tax returns. Come get your maximum tax refund . Starting from $30, we provide personal tax, self employed tax, taxi drivers, Uber, Tappcar and corporate tax with bookkeeping and payroll services. Visit or call us today.


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Support for individuals and businesses

Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan visit Canada.ca

Individuals and families

Support for businesses

Avoiding layoffs, rehiring employees and creating new jobs

  • Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) or Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF)

$40,000 interest-free loans

  • Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS)

  • Loan Guarantee for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

  • Co-Lending Program for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises visit Business Development

  • Mid-Market Financing Program

  • Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility (LEEFF)

  • Additional support by sector

  • Alberta business supports

Please call or e-mail us with your full Name, Business info, Phone number and the services you require so we can help you Super.

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May 12, 2020: $500 one time payment to help senior Citizens

$500 to help seniors struggling financially due to COVID-19- $2.5 billion to help 6.7 million seniors.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this one-time for seniors eligible for:

    • Old Age Security (OAS) will receive $300 tax-free payment

    • Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) will get an extra $200.

Therefore, those eligible for OAS & GIS, you will receive $500.

Keep safe,

Sunu Accounting Services


April 24, 2020 CECRA: Business Commercial Rent Reduction to 25% ( from Apr- Jun 2020)

Trudeau reduced Business Commercial Rents to %25 (CECRA) #April, May & Jun 2020.

With Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA):

  1. Small business paying rent under $50,000 monthly will pay only %25 of their regular rent.

  2. The government will cover %50 of the rent payment

  3. The property owner will consume the remaining %25 of the rent payment

Keep safe,

Sunu Accounting Services


April 22, 2020 COVID-19 pandemic update:

Other students’ helps to come!

· $75.2 million to support First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nation Students.

· Increase in job creation of 76,000 job

· Investment of $291.6 million to extend Scholarship, fellowships and grants for research projects and placement.

· Increase to Canada Student Grant to $6000 for full time and $3600 for pert time students

· Increase in weekly student’s financial assistance to up to $350

· A New Canada Student Service Grant that pays from $1000 to $5000 to help cover tuition for student volunteering in COVID-19.

For more information, visit CRA.

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Apr 6, 2020: The $2000 Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

The line is open for applications. Visit canada.ca then my or Call 1800-959-8281. CRA said the bbenefit will be paid in blocks of four weeks. A maximum 16 weeks of benefits can be paid.

April 9 - GST/HST credit payment – approx. $400 per personal and $600 for couple.

This is paid automatically but you must have filed your 2018 income taxes and eligible for GST benefit.

If you have not file 2018 income tax, now is the time to do it.

Keep safe,

Sunu Accounting Services

March 16 2020. COVID-19 pandemic:

Dear clients, friends and members of the community, we understand the affects of COVID-19 on our daily lives especially employees and independent business owners.

Sunu Accounting is committed to help keeping you healthy, safe and informed during COVID-19 pandemic. Stay safe!

Our daily task is supporting our clients and community to strive during financial challenges and plan for future savings.

We care about your safety and our virtual services help you file your taxes without leaving your home. Just call 587-920-8226.

Canada’s responds to COVID-19:

We want to share changes in income tax polices and procedures with options to take in order to have access to Government of Canada and Alberta provided funds to help you and your families during COVID-19 symptoms.

Individual Income tax filings and business tax due dates:

CRA had deferred income tax filing deadline to June 1, 2020 and any tax owing to be paid by Sept 1 2020. However, we encourage you to file your tax on time since this facilitate the process of receiving benefits when needed without delay.

The Emergency support and care benefit will be available in April and you can apply through CRA my account or my services Canada account or by calling CRA.

Support for individuals:

· The government promises that families receiving Canada Child Benefit will receive $300 extra per child in May 2020.

· The government promises onetime special payment of GSTC in May 2020.

· If you are unemployment or face reduced hours due to COVID’s impact, you can apply for regular EI.

Support for Employers/business:

1. If you layoff employees, you can issue a letter or ROE so they can apply for EI.

2. If you keep employees working but your business sale dropped, consider CRA 3 months temporary wage subsidy for business (March 18 - June 20).

3. For self-employed business owners, more info on the Emergency support and care benefit will be available in April.

Let follow the province’s measures aimed at curbing the momentum of the coronavirus. We all need to help and keep each other healthy.

On behalf of Sunu Accounting Service, take care of yourself and families!

Feb 20, 2020. Climate Action Incentive

With Alberta's new Climate Action Incentive, your family can receive up to $888 extra money by filing 2019 income tax returns. Who do not want free money?

“Climate Action Incentive Payment Amounts, by the Minister of Finance, is pay to taxpayers through 2019 Personal Income Tax Returns”. If you live in Alberta, you can receive free money:

1. Single adult, or first adult in a couple $444

2. second adult in a couple or first child of a single parent $222

3. Each child under 18 (starting with the second child for single parents) $111

4. Baseline amount for a family of four $888

for more information, visit Sunu Accounting Services or Call us!


Tax slips

T3, Statement of Trust Income Allocations and Designations

T4, Statement of Remuneration Paid

T4A, Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income

T4A(OAS), Statement of Old Age Security

T4A(P), Statement of Canada Pension Plan Benefits

T4E, Statement of Employment Insurance and Other Benefits

T4RIF, Statement of Income from a Registered Retirement Income Fund

T4RSP, Statement of Registered Retirement Savings Plan Income

T5, Statement of Investment Income

T5007, Statement of Benefits

T5008, Statement of Securities Transactions

RC210, Canada Workers Benefit Advance Payments Statement

registered retirement savings plan contribution receipt

PRPP, Pooled registered pension plan

T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificate

T1204, Government Service Contract Payments


Other tax-related info for 2019 income tax and benefit returns:

Home Buyers’ Plan repayment amount – HBP

Lifelong Learning Plan repayment amount-LLP

capital gains deductions AND non-capital losses


Registered Retirement Savings Plan contribution limit-RRSP

social assistance or workers' compensation benefits

Employment insurance and other benefits (T4E)

Canada Workers Benefit Advance Payments (RC201)


Insolvency, consumer proposal indicator

Disability tax credit eligibility

Pension, retirement, annuity, and other income (T4A)

CPP payments (T4A(P))

Outstanding GST/HST returns

Canada workers benefit



Non-Resident Source Deduction Identification (NRSDI) indicator

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2018 tax filing done right!

Sunu accounting services’ Bookkeeping and Tax Tips for 2019 successful business operation.

Six steps to bookkeeping and tax tips-start and complete 2019 business operation with peace of mind.

1. Separate all personal from business transactions

2. Have organizational system in place

3. Hire an experienced bookkeeper or an Accountant.

4. Pay your employees and handle CRA remittance on time

5. File business GST and pay any tax owing on time

6. Have an advance business planning for your year end with your accountant and tax advisor

sunu accounting services’ six steps to business organization and meet accounting & tax reporting requirements.

For more tips and trick, visit sunutaxaccount.com or call us 587-920-8226

oct 27 2018

Hi Guys, another awesome day-Oct 27th was day 2 of our annual professional conference (Rendez-vous d’affaires 2018).

Working together with pro francophone from all over Canada and Quebec, wow, I did not want the event to finish!

We started the day with the company called “the Laughing Hour” followed by many professional workshops presented by: City of Edmonton- Going Green, Office of small and Medium Enterprises Western Region, changes to labor legislation, Ministry of Labor - Government of Alberta, BDC – 5 tips to funding your business, Daniel Asselin- Community investment and the corporate commitment and many more.

We finish the day at the Muttart Conservatory where we enjoyed the laurels awards ceremony (la cérémonie de remise de prix Lauriers de la PME). Presented by CDEA, FrancPreneurs, Developpment regional, ACFA and Startup jeunesse.

Love The Acadian dance Click here 🎶

Oct 26 2018.

CDEA: Rendez-vous d’affaires 2018. We are enjoying our 2 days annual professional conference with many representatives amount them MLA Annie McKitrick here in Edmonton!

Are you an employer with payroll responsibilities?

Do not forget the minimum wage increase in Alberta.

As of October 1, 2018, the minimum wage is $15 per hour.

So, if you were paying your employees $13 per hour, now you will pay them $15 per hour.

Also, be sure to submit your remittances due to the CRA and other recipients on or before the 15th of each month.

It is very important to comply with the payroll requirements to avoid payroll penalties.

Have questions regarding payroll, contact Sunu Accounting Services at 587-920-8226 or visit our office 10510 107 Ave NW (free parking).

Remember, happy employees = value added services or production=better financial performance results.

Êtes-vous un employeur responsable de la paie?

N'oubliez pas l'augmentation du salaire minimum en Alberta.

À compter du 1er octobre 2018, le salaire minimum est de 15 $ l'heure.

Donc, si vous payiez 13 $ l'heure à vos employés, vous allez maintenant leur payer 15 $ l'heure.

De plus, assurez-vous de soumettre vos versements dus à l'ARC et aux autres destinataires au plus tard le 15 de chaque mois.

Il est très important de respecter les exigences en matière de paie pour éviter les pénalités salariales.

Si vous avez des questions concernant la paie, contactez le Service de la comptabilité Sunu au 587-920-8226 ou visitez notre bureau au 10510 107 Ave NW (parking gratuit).

Sunu Accounting weaves your accounting, bookkeeping and taxes worries away. Be happy again!


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