Frischk Cleaning. 2016

Sunu Accounting Services really helped met get my business's books back in order and up to date with my tax filings requirements. They are honest accountants and great people. I cannot recommend them enough to any small or medium sized business owners who are looking for some peace of mind. Thanks Sunu.

Wade Ozeroff. 2017

Knowledgeable in her field with a wicked sense of humor.

Nancy Kindler. 2017

Hardworking and passionate about helping others thru bookkeeping and taxes.

Vegas convenience store. 2018

We are grateful in having Sunu Accounting as our accountant. They help us as so much. They guide us on how to set our book and keep store date correctly. Our accounting and taxes are and up to date and are being handle professionally.

We have no worries about our books.

Mayada Al-Rubaye. 2019

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I really appreciate Lowe tax service, it was a great experience. I advice everyone to file a tax in this specialized company, it was very accurate and professional service looking to deal with you next year also.

Thanks for Sunu Corp manager.

Bernice Hebert. 2019

Great service Lowe is very friendly and her work is efficient and thorough my taxes were not done correctly from the previous year (done by someone else) she fixed the problem and got everything in order her prices are very reasonable and worth it I highly recommend her.

Shonella Promesse. 2019

Sunu accounting services is simply amazing. She's on point and is very knowledgeable about what's current with tax preparation. I see myself returning here in the near future.

Thank you Lowe ;)

Sue Ty. 2019

Lowe is very professional, yet friendly, warm and welcoming. I recently moved from Ontario where I had an accountant that did my taxes for 14 years and dealing with Lowe this year allowed me the same experience. I guess her and I are retiring together with her doing my taxes. 😊

Ahmadou Dieo. 2019

Sunu accounting, great service and professional, thank to Lowe, appreciate the service.


Sunu did amazing job, glad for the service